Wednesday , 21 March 2018

DiskStation Manager 5.1 Beta

What’s new in Diskstation Manager 5.1 Beta ( DSM )

Note Station

The notepad that will always be with you

Create your very own digital notes. Access where ever you are from web browsers or mobile devices instantly. You can even share or collaborate with others. It comes with the ability to store multiple version copies where restoration is a breeze. You can even add encryption to your notes to protect sensitive data.

Whether you write memos, to-do lists, shopping lists, and traveling notes, DS note offers a convenient notepad editing experience, and makes it easily to remember and share everything in your life with a smartphone or tablet. You can take notes or share images for team and individual projects ─ now everyone can really work as one. And you can share important notes with people simply via a link.

Personal cloud

DSM 5.1 continues to strengthen private cloud options with enhanced security and flexible synchronization. As to the public cloud, Synology’s Cloud Station can now sync with OneDrive, Box, and hubiC, incorporating the fantastic possibilities these popular services offer

Data backup

When it comes to off-site backup, cloud storage is playing an important role in business and business backup strategies. Now with DSM 5.1, you can back up data directly to Microsoft Azure, SFR, and hicloud. With the new Explore feature for Glacier Backup makes it easier and cheaper.

In addition, DSM 5.1 also brings more flexible options for managing backup permissions, schedulable iSCSI LUN snapshots, broader support for package backup, as well as a performance boost for LUN backup.

Revamped File Station

File Station is at the heart of DSM. As a comprehensive file explorer, it connects between you and your DiskStation. By adding more features, such as built-in FTP or email clients, Synology provides a new modern and advanced web application for file management.

In addition, numerous features have been added to DSM in order to increase efficiency. The new SSD cache interface.

Video Station

The new Video Station comes with a revamped interface, giving you a better way to manage your video collections. With multiple search criteria support, you can easily find the videos you want from a large library in real time, and have a smarter video center as all videos are added to collections based on criteria. One of the best things is you can share your personal videos with just a link, freeing you from annoying account and password creation.

In addition, Audio Station lets you sort and listen to your favorite songs with a new rating feature, while Photo Station makes it easier than ever to share a slideshow with friends and family.

Security Advisor

The world of network and data security is getting more and more complicated. Synology’s new Security Advisor wizard is here to help you. By performing comprehensive analysis of system settings, password strength, and network preferences, Security Advisor eradicates security holes and locks down your Synology NAS.

DSM 5.1 also boasts important security enhancements under the hood. AppArmor blocks malicious programs from accessing unauthorized system resources, while the new trust level feature warns users when they attempt to install potentially harmful packages.

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